Viber Worm 5″


The Viber Worm is perfect when you need to make things happen.  Can be fished as a standard worm pattern or, due to its small paddle tail, as a fry imitation.

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Technical Data:

Type:               Worm

Model:             Viber Worm

Length:           5”

Type:              Worm


Product Details

Straight, thin soft bait surrounded with lamellar rings, but also equipped with a small paddle tail. It incorporates the best features of a finesse worm and a French Fry; silhouette, movement and vibration. A very versatile bait. It is perfect for all types of finesse fishing, but also in situations where you need more vibration. Perfect in freshwater, but also excellent for targeting sea predators!




Silver/Clear, Watermelon/Red Fleck, Pumpkin Red/Black Fleck