Viber Shad 3″


Herakles Viber shads. The ultimate vibrating shad designed to attract predators even in coloured water. 3″ version.

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Technical Data:

Type:               Shad

Model:             Viber Shad

Length:           3”

Type:               Shad



Product Details

Shad style lures are definitely one of the most efficient and most reproduced baits so, to be really special, a shad needs to have some very specific characteristics: the body must roll and the tail must move at the first hint of retrieve as well as during the fall. The Viber shad definitely has all of these characteristics but in addition it features a ribbed body, peculiar to the Viber series, which produces vibrations that predators find hard to resist



Smoker, Citrus, Sexy Shad, Green Pumpkin/Orange, Orange Shiner