Tiny Astro


The Tiny Astro packs a big punch for a small crankbait.  Perfect for those situations which require a bit of finesse when targeting wary predators.


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Technical Data:

Type:               Crankbait

Model:             Tiny Astro

Length:           8,5cm

Weight:           12gr

Type:              Floating

Technique:     Medium Crank


Product Details

The Astro Series has been designed to perfectly imitate prey fish. It comprises two crankbaits: Astro and Tiny Astro. The first was especially designed as a silent lure with a big silhouette in order to appear an interesting prey for the more selective predators living in well fished areas. The second, ‘Tiny Astro’, as its names suggests is smaller and is perfect for a quieter, and finessed approach.  It has proven extremely effective for perch and small pike on canals and small still waters, particularly those subjected to heavier fishing pressure where the better fish think twice before taking a lure.



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