Round Jig Heads


Round Jig heads with built in weed guards and double trailer holders:  packet sizes as shown in Technical Data.

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Technical Data:

code: AMHKAC01   Weight:1/16    size hook: 1/0     packet of 4

code: AMHKAC02   Wheight:1/8    size hook: 2/0     packet of 4

code: AMHKAC03   Wheight:1/4    size hook: 3/0     packet of 3

code: AMHKAC04   Wheight:3/8    size hook: 4/0     packet of 3

code: AMHKAC05   Wheight:1/2    size hook: 5/0     packet of 3


Product Details

This round Jig head is equipped with a weed guard to allow you to search around those snaggy and weedy swims where big predators often like to stay.  It is perfect for many different fishing techniques, including the power finesse and the wacky rig. The head design looks quite simple, but to the trained eye it reveals all the useful features that characterized this product, like the high quality strong hook and the double trailer holder.



1/16oz – size 1/0, 1/8oz – size 2/0, 1/4oz – size 3/0, 3/8oz – size 4/0, 1/2oz – size 5/0