Real Shad 105


The Real Shad Series of Swimbaits are pure perfection.  A pleasure to use and incredibly effective.  A must have for your lure box.

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Technical Data:

Type:               Swim Bait

Model:             Real Shad 105

Length:           10,5cm

Weight:           25gr

Type:              Sinking

Technique:     Swim baits

Product Details

The Real Shad series are slow sinking swim baits which are jointed into 4 sections. They work in the surface layers of the water depending on the speed of retrieve. During the retrieving action the 4 sections produce natural fish movements and vibrations capable of attracting even the most difficult and selective predators to attack. They come in two sizes 10.5cm and 8cm. Both sizes are good for catching sea bass, perch, pike, zander and catfish while the smaller size has also proved very effective for large trout.


Sunny, Green Ayu, Fire Tiger