Nanho Shad


This versatile little shad can be used in a wide range of situations in most salt and freshwater.  Particularly effective on a drop shot rig or rigged on multiple hooks for mackerel.


Technical Data:

Type:               Rock and Street

Model:             Nanho shad

Length:           4.5cm

Type:              Shad



Product Details

Silicon Soft Bait Lure specifically designed for small to medium predators. Ideal for a variety of fishing techniques, both in salt and fresh waters.  Perfect for light rock fishing around rocks and piers for all species that live there and in harbours and on clean ground for flatfish.  The white and luminous versions have also proven very productive for bass and light mackerel fishing.  In fresh water perch, pike, and even the most suspicious chub find the action irresistible.




Silver/White, Pink Shad, Lemon Shad, Latterino