Herakles XS 150 mtr


A great all round spinning line suitable for use in any spinning or lurefishing situation.

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Technical Data:

Diameter             Kg

Ø 0.170mm         3,40Kg

Ø 0.190mm         4.20Kg

Ø 0.210mm         5,70Kg

Ø 0.230mm         6.70Kg

Ø 0.260mm         8.30Kg

Ø 0.300mm         0.90Kg



Product Details

Herakles X is a monofilament specifically designed to cover every spinning situation.  Perfect for anglers needing a versatile product without surprises.  This product is designed both for fishing both hard and soft baits in all conditions.  The NXGEN FLUOTEC characteristics make it so reliable and efficient, that Franco Mancini and Herakles Team do not fail to use it during competitions and Championships.


0.190mm – 4.20Kg, 0.210mm – 5,70Kg, 0.230mm – 6.70Kg, 0.260mm – 8.30Kg, 0.300mm -10.90Kg