Unique propeller style topwater lure from the Herakles ‘Rising Series’which is equally effective with either a straight or jerked retreive.  A must have fish catcher!

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Technical Data:

Type:               Propeller

Model:             Helix

Length:           11,5cm

Weight:           16,0gr

Type:               Topwater

Technique:     Propeller

Product Details

This lure incorporates a “sui generis” propeller that instead of a single propeller has two different propeller blades rotating in the opposite directions. Helix is proudly part of the Rising series, for both the building quality and finish and for its innovative design. The two blades maximize the action of the propellers, increasing the vibration and flashes, both during the linear retrieve and the stop & go action. The constant rotations of the two blades produce different sound frequencies accompanied by flashes of light for all the duration of the retrieve, allowing you to explore a lot of water quickly. When used with stop & go retrieve, Helix will surprise you for the fast change of attitude and the immediate start of the rotation of the two propellers at every jerk, thanks to the perfect weight, balancing and shape of the blades. Helix is unbelievably effective when targeting fish along the edges or above submerged weed beds, close to reeds, and close to any semi-submerged cover. Just retrieve or jerk it to start the blades and propel the lure, the fish will do the rest.


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