Colmic Nuclear Hook MR300


A perfect lightweight, strong hook for all your micro drop shotting and LRF work.  Packet of 20

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Technical Data:

Colmic Nuclear MR300  Size 4 – packet of 20

Colmic Nuclear MR300  Size 6 – packet of 20

Colmic Nuclear MR300  Size 8 – packet of 20

Colmic Nuclear MR300  Size 10 – packet of 20


Product Details

The MR300 is one of the most popular hook patterns used by European Surfcasters for finesse fishing.  It is very light and sharp and yet still strong with a good hook hold.  The shape and combination of lightness and strength make it an ideal choice for drop shotting, especially when fishing with light lines and micro baits.


Size 4, Size 6, Size 8, Size 10