Benjo Bodies


These packs of 7 spare bodies for the Herakles Benjo lure range come in a range of colours and make it a truly versatile lure system.

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Technical Data:

Type:               Shad

Model:             Benjo

Length:           6cm

Type:              Shad

Product Details

The shad is one of the most popular soft baits, they are simple to use and they catch fish.  The Benjo has all the characteristics of a shad combined with some added subtleties incorporated into a technologically advanced lure that has been developed by professional anglers for anglers. The triangular shaped belly rolls during the retrieve. The elongated tail features a life like action. But that is not all!  This product can be used rigged on a specially designed jig head that will perform at its best with shad lures, especially with this one. The jointed jig head equipped with an offset wide gap hook is ideal for fishing in rough ground and around weed bed and structures – the places where predators like to hold up.  Retrieving it at low speed, the jointed part accentuates the movement of the tail enticing positive strikes.  The straight fixed hook jig head will perform better in open water, during steady retrieve it will allow solid strikes. The exposed hook is especially suitable for vertical fishing since it will facilitate quicker reaction strikes and beter hook ups both during the fall and rise of the lure or when jerking.

This lure is sold in packs which include an articulated Jig Head and two bodies, and spare bodies, articulated jig heads, straight jig heads and hooks can be bought separately making this a truly versatile and essential lure for every angler’s bag.



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